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K. Michelle Gives Sheneka Adams “The Ho Sit Down Talk”

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No stranger to beef reality stars and singer K. Michelle singles out Urban model Sheneka Adams in her latest Twitter rant.

“Sluts don’t have FANS (i.e girls like Sheneka Adams) you are a video whore. Talking crazy because you’re in the

ATL sweet valley high click. None of U have no talent and live off of niggas,” K. Michelle posted to Twitter.

The premise is unknown as what inspired the spew of words from the singer

but K. had this to say

“They come for me for attention, if I get drunk enough I entertain it. I’m drunk and you’re still a broke slut.”

Sheneka then posted “Never wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, but only the pig likes it”


K. Michelle vs Sheneka Adams


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