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Jenna Jenovich ‘The Dallas Cowboys’ Sexiest Fan Girl

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Dallas Cowboys super fan, Jenna Jenovich, is making her way to the top…of your IG feed. The Serbian-bred model hails from the Dallas area and has over  2 million followers keeping track of her every play.  

Perhaps the home team should take a few notes on how to master the field of social media considering Jenovich has more followers than the entire team; well, on the web at-least. The Dallas Cowboy “Stan” is a regular in the stands, showing major love to the boys in the blue and silver, that’s if she’s not covering international publications like Maxim, GQ, Esquire and Sports Illustrated.  

Jenovich constantly shows her love for the Dallas Cowboys on her Instagram page, and her fans do the same for her. Their grave devotion drove her popularity through the roof! It’s probably safe to assume that their devotion to her played a major part in helping the beauty land a spot among the top 100 Sexiest women in the World by FHM. 

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Recently, Jenna made the big move to Hollywood to pursue her childhood dream of acting and is determined to take the main stage on the silver screen.

Jenna’s snaps with  Ohrangutang & GEA Photos are what legends are made of. Check Out Jenna Jenovich photos below and while your at it check her out on Facebook , Instagram & Twitter

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jenna jenovich dallas cowboy sunofhollywood 04_set2jenna jenovich dallas cowboy sunofhollywood 05_set2jenna jenovich dallas cowboy sunofhollywood 06_set2