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Jacky Oh’s Partner DC Young Fly Thanks Fans and Says Loved Ones ‘Ask for Privacy’ After Her Sudden Death at 32

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The sudden and unexpected death of Jacky Oh, the partner of DC Young Fly, has left the entertainment world in shock and mourning. DC Young Fly, whose real name is John Whitfield, expressed his gratitude to the fans for their support during this difficult time while also requesting privacy for his family. This tragic loss has not only affected DC Young Fly but also touched the hearts of many others, including Odell Beckham Jr., who knew Jacky Oh through his partner Lauren Wood. Let’s take a closer look at the heartfelt statements made by DC Young Fly, Beckham Jr., and others as they remember and pay tribute to the beloved Jacky Oh.

1. DC Young Fly’s Heartfelt Statement

DC Young Fly, along with his family, released a statement expressing their appreciation for the well-wishes they have received and their desire for privacy during this challenging period.

The loss of Jacky Oh has undoubtedly left them devastated, and they are still processing the tragedy. They kindly ask for understanding and respect during this time of grieving.

2. Odell Beckham Jr.’s Tribute

Odell Beckham Jr., who had the opportunity to meet Jacky Oh through his partner Lauren Wood, shared a touching statement from Jacky Oh’s family on his Instagram Story.

The statement conveyed the heartbreaking news of Jacky Oh’s passing and highlighted the family’s need for privacy as they cope with this sudden and tragic loss. Beckham Jr. also took to Twitter, urging everyone to cherish their loved ones while they are still present, emphasizing the fragility and preciousness of life.

3. Jacky Oh’s Belize Vacation with Lauren Wood

Jacky Oh documented her vacation to Belize with her partner Lauren Wood on her YouTube channel back in March. These videos serve as cherished memories of their time together and highlight the love and joy they shared. The vacation was a special experience for Jacky Oh, and the footage captures her radiant spirit and zest for life.

4. Keenan Allen’s Emotional Tribute

Keenan Allen, a wide receiver for the Chargers, paid a heartfelt tribute to Jacky Oh on Instagram. He referred to her as an angel and credited her for introducing him to the woman who would become his wife. Allen expressed his deep sympathy for Jacky Oh’s children and DC Young Fly, emphasizing that even though the circumstances may be difficult to comprehend, everything happens according to God’s plan.

5. BET Media Group’s Condolences

BET Media Group, in an official statement to PEOPLE, expressed their profound sadness upon learning about Jacky Oh’s passing. They described her as a talented member of the Wild ‘N Out family, emphasizing her impact on the show and the love and care she extended to her colleagues. BET Media Group extended their sincere condolences to Jacky Oh’s family, DC Young Fly, B Simone, Nick Cannon, and all those who cherished her.

6. TMZ’s Report on Jacky Oh’s Death

According to TMZ, Jacky Oh passed away in Miami. The cause of her untimely death has not yet been revealed. This shocking news has left many searching for answers and mourning the loss of such a vibrant and beloved individual.

7. DC Young Fly’s Heartbreaking Discovery

DC Young Fly was in Atlanta filming new episodes of Wild ‘N Out when he received the devastating news of Jacky Oh’s death. The suddenness of the tragedy added to the shock and grief he experienced. It is a heartbreaking reminder of how life can change in an instant.

8. A Love Story Cut Short

Heartbroken DC Young Fly Expresses Gratitude to Fans and Pleads for Privacy Following the Untimely Demise of Beloved Partner Jacky Oh at the Tender Age of 32

DC Young Fly is engulfed in grief as he mourns the devastating loss of his cherished partner, Jacky Oh. The former star of the wildly popular show ‘Wild ‘N Out’ was taken aback by her sudden and tragic passing at the tender age of 32.

In this challenging time, DC Young Fly, known to the world as John Whitfield, and his family have issued a heartfelt statement to express their gratitude for the overwhelming support they have received from fans and to humbly request privacy to navigate this excruciating journey of grief.

The news of Jacky Oh’s passing deeply touched the lives of those who knew her. Odell Beckham Jr., who had seemingly met the radiant star through his partner Lauren Wood, took to his Instagram Story to share a heartfelt statement from Jacky Oh’s family. In their statement, they unveiled the heartbreaking truth that Jacklyn, fondly known as MsJackyOh, departed from this world on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023. The family is still grappling with the shock and tragedy of this unexpected loss, and they earnestly implore the public to respect their privacy during this immensely painful period


Moved by the profound loss, Beckham Jr. shared his condolences on Twitter, reminding everyone of the fragility of life and the significance of cherishing each precious day. His words resonated deeply as he honored Jacky Oh’s memory and urged everyone to embrace their loved ones wholeheartedly while they still can.

Jacky Oh’s vibrant spirit was captured in her YouTube channel, where she documented her memorable vacation to Belize alongside Wood in March. It was a testament to the love and joy she exuded, leaving behind beautiful memories for her loved ones to cherish.

The grief extended beyond DC Young Fly and Beckham Jr., as Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen also paid a touching tribute to Jacky Oh on Instagram. He expressed his disbelief, referring to her as an angel and acknowledging the significant role she played in his own love story. His heartfelt prayers were dedicated to her children and DC Young Fly, and he found solace in the belief that everything happens in perfect divine timing, even when it eludes our comprehension.

Confirming the heartbreaking news, a spokesperson from BET Media Group expressed their deep sorrow for the loss of Jacky Oh, a beloved member of the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ family. Her impact on the show was immeasurable, having been an integral part of the cast for five seasons. But beyond her professional contributions, she was known for her unwavering friendship and her role as a devoted mother to her three beautiful children. The spokesperson extended heartfelt condolences to the Smith family, DC Young Fly, B Simone, Nick Cannon, and all those who held Jacky Oh dear in their hearts during this indescribably difficult time.

While the details surrounding Jacky Oh’s passing remain undisclosed, it was reported by TMZ that she departed from this world in Miami. DC Young Fly, unaware of the heartbreaking news, was in Atlanta filming new episodes of ‘Wild ‘N Out’ when he received the shattering revelation.

The story of DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh began in 2015, the same year he made his initial appearance on the sketch comedy show, where she shone as one of the beloved Wild ‘N Out girls. Their bond grew, and they were blessed with the gift of three beautiful children: Nova, Nala, and Prince. Together, they embarked on a journey of love, laughter, and shared dreams.

Jacky Oh’s remarkable spirit extended beyond the realms of television. Following her departure from ‘Wild