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Introducing Pattygurls Brittany and Brandi Kelly | Snapchat’s Hottest Twins

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Undoubtedly, if snapchat was ruled by a monarchy, 24-year-old identical twins, Brittany and Brandi Kelly, would rule the land.

It’s been said that these lovely ladies only started their now infamous account to topple a fake user, but since they first graced Pattycakez® a few years back, they have amassed well over 100000 loyal followers; and since went on to becoming Playboy’s Cyber Twins of The Month.  The Kelly Twins now have their sights on the silver screen and have made appearances several televisions shows including Season 8 of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

The twins have an undeniable back catalogue of sexy snaps which will have you in awe for days.
We’re in the Pattycakez® studios right now glued to our desktop trying to figure out who’s hotter between the two, and we’re here to tell you guys it’s an impossible task to decide!

Both girls are equally as sexy and look amazing in both their individual Instagram’s and joint account.

Introducing Brittany and Brandi Kelly: Snapchat’s Hottest Twins