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Amber Rose…You got me F**uk Up: No Booty Pads Over Here !!!!!!

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Amber Rose absolutely prides her reputation for having a, 100 percent all-natural booty, and she’s dispelling any annoying rumors that say other wise !

Pattycakez reported Thursday, a couple of photos surfaced the web of the 32-year-old model wearing leggings and what appeared to be some additional padding around the area of the derriere to give it just a tad more oomph (which we’re almost certain she doesn’t need), but Muva Rose quickly took to Instagram to explain.





“Lol I am not wearing booty pads! Damn y’all all in my ass doe,” she captioned a photo of the pictures in question. “It’s a full body trainer that has thick lining in it for women’s problem areas. I wear it when I workout and it keeps my skin tight and makes me sweat more.”


PHOTOS BELOW SHOWS: Amber Rose showing off her bare butt in thong bikini on the beach


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