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Erica Mena “Underneath It All” Book Cover Phoot Shoot + Juicy Interview!!!!

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The feisty model and tv personality Erica Mena has all the right ingredients to take over the industry. She recently sat down for a interview about her new book called “Underneath It All”
She states “I’ve gotten used to living behind mirrors and smoke screens, it’s easier to portray an image for the world to see. When I’m alone I am haunted by my truth. A girl who entered this world in a jail cell. A girl who was served struggle with a side of pain on a broken platter. A girl who was thrown into a tank with sharks deep in a world whose motto is to eat or be eaten. I can still see the dirt underneath my nails; I’ve fought too hard to get where I am and I don’t plan on looking back. However, there s always someone waiting to knock me down because they don t think I deserve it. Well I say to hell with them. I’ve put in too much to allow anyone to drag me down. So either you’re riding with me or against me…”