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My Childhood Is Ruined Someone Just Turned ‘Spongebob’ Into Anime (Watch Video)

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Someone Just Turned ‘Spongebob’ Into Anime, And Your Childhood Might Be Ruined

Coming up in the early 2000s, Spongebob Squarepants was the indispensable king of Nickelodeon programing. The cartoon holds dear memories for many and someone just made an Anime version of everyone’s beloved  sponge in the sea , and people really can’t decide whether they want to laugh or cry.

The 1-minute 47-second short shows the cast of Spongebob redrawn as Japanese-style animations, and follows the format of a typical Anime opening scene – blood, guts, drama and all. While some people are calling it the best thing since canned bread, others feel straight-up uncomfortable with it.

“The video was just a side project done on spare time, and that we shouldn’t be expecting a full Spongebob Anime series” Arthur  and cartoonist Narmak states  . Not sure if I would watch it but to some I can see it being interesting to see.
If unadulterated foolishness is something you’re into you wish, check out the viral video for yourself below, find out how people are reacting to it, and add your own take at the end.