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Pattygurl | Chanell Angeli Opens Up About Her Career Pursuits In Acting, Talks Perfect Date With A Guy And Do’s And Dont’s In The Bed.

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A new day and a new set, I must say I love my job!


Chanell Angeli , Photographed by Dewayne Rogers, Pattycakez, 2016

Yep, but today was far from being about me. It was actually about a curvy lady that was not only cutting up on the Gram, but sashaying her Black Girl Magic, one oil creation at a time.

Chanell Angeli!

So, here I arrive on set and see this lovely Mamacita, and instantly I understand why she has over 600K followers, she is absolutely gorgeous!

I mean really, who can resist a gorgeous lady that on the path to taking over the world?

Hello! Why do you think Jay-Z snatched up Beyonce?

Her smile was captivating and she was definitely giving the designer label, Chanel a reason to exist!

Was it all a dream, here I am, before the shoot pondering in a deep meditative state of immense bliss asking the universe is it truly possible ? How can a girl this beautiful exist.

As you can imagine, the photographer hurriedly gave us a few minutes to chat, and can you guess what my first question was?

Stop guessing, here goes:


Chanell Angeli , Photographed by Dewayne Rogers, Pattycakez, 2016


PC: So tell us how you managed to attract nearly a half million Instagram followers.
CA: I honestly don’t even know..people just seem to take a liking to my pictures.

PC: Tell us how you got started in modeling, where you grew up

CA: So i’m from Miami, Florida I never really got a startup in modeling. My first music video, my cousin sings so, I was just in the studio with her and they were like “Oh were shooting this music video. You all should be in it”, we were already cool with the artist, so it was nothing to go party with them, the music video was like a big party anyway. It was never like a big deal (laughing), kinda like right place right time.
I guess.
PC: Have you ever been asked out by anyone famous on Instagram or Social media?
CA: Yes, that happens often.

PC: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since you became Instagram famous?
CA: A couple of pastor wanted to pray with me, I thought that was kinda weird. I’m conflicted because i’m not sure if it was a kind gesture or just creepy.

PC: We see the hashtags on all your Instagram Post #MelaninMermaid, What is Melanin Mermaid ?
CA: It’s my travel blog and product line we sell all-natural, handmade bath and body products for ethnic people.

PC: What the next step In Melanin Mermaid?
CA: Definitely developing an app I find that people are more mobile, I Almost never use the computer any more. I do everything from my phone. So I think that’s the direction things are heading. Definitely expanding the product line for the winter and the holiday season.


Chanell Angeli , Photographed by Dewayne Rogers, Pattycakez, 2016

PC: Since you are a model, are you opposed to marketing other companies brands that sell similar products as you?

CA: No, Im not a hater, take for example Blac Chyna she’s able to sell her brand as well as promote Fashion Nova, and other cosmetic brands.

PC: Do you see acting in your future?

CA: Funny you said that I been in acting classes for a few months now, Before, offers would always come my way for various roles in television series, I’m not going to say the names but I was approached with a few offers, I would always turn them down because I wanted to respect the craft and the other actors that take that artform seriously and funny thing is the one of the shows ended up doing really well.

PC: That makes sense because I’m sure actors hate seeing their roles being subjugated by celebrities and musicians when they worked their whole life for that moment.

CA: Exactly, that’s why I want to get plenty of practice in before I make that transition.

PC: You spoke about the television series, may I ask which series, I kinda already have a idea, was it Empire ?

CA: I can’t tell you that (giggling jovially)

PC: What would be the dream career for you ?

CA: You know, I don’t love any one thing more than the next, I guess that’s why I have my hands in so much stuff. I just want to continue to have the freedom to do what ever it is I want to do. Hell, a couple of years ago I want’ed to be a rapper (smiling).Thats what success means to me being able to do what ever it is you want to do. I just want to be me

PC: Yeah I saw a video that surfaced of you kicking verses. What was your rap name?

CA: I was going under my name Chanell, I had a few other in the beginning but they are way too embarrassing to say.

PC: Thats fair enough, speaking on embarrassment every one has that one moment. Whats your most embarrassing moment?

CA: Oh my god I have so many, but recently I text my mom nudes by accident she hasn’t look at me the same ever again. I was trying to text someone else at the same time. (laughing)


Chanell Angeli , Photographed by Dewayne Rogers, Pattycakez, 2016

PC: How do you feel about body image?

CA: Man… know what I don’t feel any kind of way about body image, even when I watch porn I watch BBW I guess I like thickness. But in-between BBW is beautiful, “bigger” than “that” is beautiful,skinny, big  you name it. I think in 2016 we’re all loving ourselves more and women are more empowered. I think people are over the idea that you have to be a certain size and skin-tone or height.

PC: I suppose your right, with the implementation of social media component and the surge in reality TV, accompanied with the notion of the insta-celebrity it’s quite possibly a version of every type a person is out there on display at the highest level.

CA: Exactly, people don’t care if your fat, skinny or tall any more, no matter what you look like it’s somebody out there with a similar look to you thats winning. No matter what you look like its somebody out there that will worship the ground you walk on.

PC: Do you see yourself as a sex symbol?

CA: No, Im feel like I’m just the same ol me.

PC: Do’s and Don’ts in the bedroom

CA: Men shouldn’t eat ass, eating groceries is not the move, I have a’lot of gay friends and ass eating is a big thing in the gay community , I don’t want somebody tongue in there. People need to know that, I don’t care how brash this sounds but i’m tried of people trying to make things cool that isn’t.

PC: So whats your ideal date, whats the perfect date?

CA: The perfect date is one where I’m enjoying your company so much I never want to look at my phone.

PC: Whats the one thing you want people to walking away with knowing about you from this interview?

CA: I think aliens are real, I think that the government has something to do with 911, I think people were being murdered in Rio to make it a safe place to have the Olympics. I think hidden colors is an amazing show. I think you don’t get all these things from my gram, Instagram is just pictures people, It’s not my everyday life, Its not the person.