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The Best Series On Netflix Worth Chilling Too.. (Video)

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We all know that if there is something missing there is sex on Netflix, but needless to say it’s not so easy to find.

Many series of the online streaming platform have enough of that spicy, so in honor of my fellow bros, us guys  at Pattycakez we decided to make a compilation so that you can find them with ease:

Orange Is The New Black

A women’s prison, band of problems and a cast full of women who “are leaving.” What could be missing from this explosive mixture? Well yes, sex, a lot but a lot of sex. A success comparable to House of Cards, series that demonstrated that the future of the niche is on the Internet. The fourth season is breaking it in what goes … unmissable.

The Scandal
Based on the life of a person dedicated to “fix” the problems of the wealthy people, Scandal tells the life of Olivia Pope, a woman who ends sexually linked to the President of the United States, with a lot of sex between the two and the Tension stemming from a possible international scandal. Safety pin…


There are two versions of this series, one American, bland and poor, while the British original has much more seasoning. It is a series of young adults that according to the Yankees is “child porn”, but the filmmakers got tired of establishing the age of the characters in multiple episodes before those scenes. Much eroticism, cast renewed every two seasons.

The Client List

He had only two seasons and not because he was bad, nor because he lacked sex scenes (nor are they so strong). The guild of “private masseurs” ended up complaining multiple times and they put more than one suit in the United States, reason why the series was canceled. While there are still protests against the online platform, the series is still hanging.

House of Cards
Although it is a soap opera linked to the politics and the lies of that world, we all know that behind the corruption there are also other excesses. Very according to the times that are lived in the world politics, with a script that goes ahead many times to the events. Excellent production and a Kevin Spacey that steals all the applause.