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What A Beautiful Girl Wants | Kiana Adesuwa

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We have a feeling 2018 will be the best year on record. Why?

Australian breed Bombshell Kiana Adesuwa is one sexy siren.


The Atlanta, Ga transplant is  an actress and making grounds as a ATl go to video vixen.

Kiana spends her days posing, training, and more recently, answering all our burning sex and dating questions. Here, what catches her attention, how to not slide into her DMS and her ultimate fantasy:

How can a man catch your attention?
In The Dm he has to be creative.
This one particular guy DM a set of pictures of a couch, coffee table,and a picture of a fridge and said don’t mind me i’m just moving and I thought it was so cute..

What type of guy you like?
A Chocolate, tall guy, If you height begin with 5″ don’t DM me ….lol I’m just kidding

And lastly what’s the lowest age you will date? 21 but they need to have the mentality of a 28 year old.


What you date someone that’s not all there financially?

I have been there so “Ya, I’m sick of girls only dating guys to support their materialistic habits, because I can get my own shit. I’m cool with dating someone that’s packing boxes at walmart because at least their not being a bum and living on the damn couch . We can grow together because it doesn’t mean they will be in that situation forever.

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