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Drake Threaten Skriper Jhonni Blaze and sent the GOONS her way: She set the record straight [PHONE AUDIO]

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Aubrey Out Here In These Streets!!!!


Soooo, didn’t we just tell you that Drake was kicking with his new boo, Lira Galore,former stripper and ex-girlfriend of Pat Beverly of The Houston Rockets? I thought so. Well, clearly Drake has a thing for the strippers.
BUT the latest stripper attached to the superstar rapper’s name is Jhonni Blaze. Word is that the sexy dancer has kicked it with Drake previously and that they got together. There was even speculation on whether or not she’s pregnant…I’ll let that sink in.
Well, Drake wasn’t too happy with his business being put out in the streets. The young lady alleged that Drake sent goons to her house to shut her up.
Apparently, Jhonni Blaze didn’t take to kindly to the way she was being portrayed. She responded to the rumors ASAP to set the record straight.


What do you think did she come clean or is it more to the story ?