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What u Think?: Baldie model Amber Rose is damn near unrecognizable after trying on long red wig

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The bald model has been quoted numerous times saying she prefers little to no hair but, this week she decide to switch it up a little but still semi-androgynous.

But on Friday 17th of April the Amber Rose shared a photo where she was wearing a long red wig.

The 31-year-old ex wife of 27 yr old rapper Wiz Khalifa, showed off her new look in a steamy Instagram candid. The model caption read, ‘U like?’

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A big change: Amber Rose shared a photo on Friday where she had long hair; her caption read, 'U like?'

Her normal look: The 31-year-old showed off her peroxide blonde hair on April 12 at the MTV Movie Awards


With her head shaved for the very first time, this photo was taken when she was working as a stripper.

Captioning the pic ‘#tbt Muva at 18 years old when I first cut my hair :-)’, a young Amber is seen dressed in a white tanktop, with pink lip balm and no tattoos.

TBT: Amber Rose has shared a photo with her Instagram followers of herself aged 18 when she first started shaving her head 

Since then the model has kept various color chages but most notable the dyed peroxide blonde look which is her signature, and while she’s confident nowadays, that wasn’t always the cases for the the Philly native she previously metioned how she was in tears after first shaving off her hair.

In 2012 she spoke to the New York Post and told them that one day in her late teens she just decided to make a dramatic change: ‘After I shaved, it I cried for a few days, until I realized it looked dope.

‘Sinead O’Connor was a bald-headed bad-a**, and I loved her,’ she explained.

Amber known as Paris in those days was  an under age stripper living in a housing project in The Bronx.

Amber Rose showcases her figure in metallic dress at MTV Movie Awards


Tears: Amber has revealed she cried the first time she shaved her head but soon realised she looked 'dope'

Even though she spoke of crying the first time her hair was cut after 15 some odds years later the model says she grabs the razor weekly, declaring: ‘I don’t even know how girls deal with hair.’

While she has a serious passion for fashion , Amber denied the rumours that she’s in talks to join E! show Fashion Police she says that the rumors simply aren’t true.

She spoke openly on reality star Kandi Burruss show Kandi Koated Nights this week, and declared: ‘No that is not true. No-one has reached out to me. Who am I to critique anyone?’

‘It’s not my type of show. I need to do what I’m comfortable with.’ she concluded.

Famous pals: Amber's distinctive looks have propelled her to worldwide fame, with the star hitting the celeb-packed Coachella music festival last week with the likes of Paris Hilton