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This Amazing Instagram Uses Smoking Hot Babes To Teach You Random Facts

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Science says if you want to teach a lesson, or enlighten the masses pair the facts with a hot woman and you’ll certainly get your point across. Ok, I’m lying. Science did not say that, but the media has, ranging from a burger to a car and infamously a web-hosting site. So, it’s safe to say that we can try it on almost anything and be successful.

Well, an Instagram account has done just that. Facts and Chicks, most certainly having garnered their thousands of followers by way of the latter is pairing the images of gorgeous, sultry women with random facts.

One of their facts reveals the reason why your dog makes an awkward eye-to-eye contact while doing their business. Unless you are a dog lover (or concerned dog parent), you may not have learned this information without having intentionally sought it out through research. But, now it is entirely possible especially if you have an eye for lovely ladies.

Check out their Instagram for more random facts and hot women.