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Kim Kardashian! Has Blonde Doppelganger From Romania With Even Bigger Assets !!!

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  • Alexandra Harra born in Romania, is an author and life coach
  • The blonde landed a cover of Playboy Romania after being persuaded to model
  • Now famous for her big bottom and is often compared to Kim
  • Ms. Harra says her 40 inch backside is larger than the reality star’s

Her Name Is Alexandra Harra & She has been dubbed the Blonde Kim Kardashian….

A Romanian life coach and author has unexpectedly found herself in high demand and not for her exuberant writing talent or her university education but rather  – her enormous backside.
27 year old Alexandra Harra, routinely writes on a number of topics ranging from love through to success in business,  she currently contributed a piece to none other than The Huffington Post as well as paid seminars and conferences.

It wasn’t until Harra was  persuaded to pose for the cover of the Romanian Playboy magazine, she suddenly found out that her university education wasn’t the only thing  people were interested in.

Life Coach Surprised To Find Her Rear In The Spotlight

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