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#4mybros ! 15 Sexiest Moments From Warleska V. Rosario Instagram !!!!

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Have you heard of Warleska V. Rosario? Say it slowly and let the perfectly crafted name roll from your tongue, sounds nice, doesn’t it? This enchanting beauty has a body of a goddess and a very captivating butterfly tattoo to match her interesting moniker. 

The world doesn’t seem to know much, except she’s obviously gorgeous and can give a piece of lingerie and a swimsuit hell! In addition to her modeling career you can catch Warleska hostessing in nightclubs including Lit in Queens and The Squeeze Lounge in Jersey.

Her growing social media following is for certain to make her spotlight grow deservingly. 

We definitely cant wait to see more for her. In the meantime, join us in a Instastalking this hottie.