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While it is difficult to contest Bentley’s claim that the 2022 Bentayga S is “made to make heads turn and hearts skip a beat,” the English automaker did leave something behind. The brand-new Bentayga S is likewise made to produce significant results. A 180 mph, $230,000 molded egg of luxury, leather, and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, there are times when it seems to defy the rules of physics.

You can instantly see the S-specific tailpipes that signify the addition of the new, louder sport exhaust system by tilting your head slightly beneath the rear spoiler. The roof line and rear spoiler have a pleasing integration.

But let’s be careful not to overreact. Given its high price, the Bentayga S must offer a lot to justify the asking price. Although you wouldn’t anticipate the interior to improve from what it was at launch, the 2021 redesign introduced many nice modifications. It’s crucial to realize that the 2022 Bentley Bentayga S does not share the same components bin as the Audi or even the Porsche, despite the fact that it may share VW’s MLB platform. Once inside, this SUV has a custom-made feel from
every perspective.

Spend a few minutes inside the cabin, though, and you’ll quickly see why the 2022 Bentayga S is priced with an extra zero. Alcantara and high-quality leather are abundant within. From the dashboard to the door trims, you can personalize anything with a variety of skins, wooden, or metallic options. In other words, the interior has the appearance, smell, and feel of having been created by skilled artisans. In actuality, it resembles a work of art more than an engineering achievement.

The second-generation Bentayga features an improved version of Audi’s infotainment system that runs on a 10.9-inch touchscreen. A pop-out tablet with controls for the seat, lighting, and climate is provided for the back seats. The Bentayga S offers various features depending on setup.

The 4.0-liter V8 pulls and pushes the SUV around with surprising agility thanks to the torque vectoring and anti-roll systems, and the interior is an art statement that is both cozy and effective. A fully equipped Bentayga S may cost between $230,000 and $270,000, depending on customizing choices, but every dollar is worthwhile for the British luxury experience.