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Watch The World’s Fastest Shotgun Drain 30 Rounds In Under 10 Sec

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Oleg Volk unloads 30 shots in just under 10 secs the video below, displays the tactical veracity of the Fostech’s Origin-12, one of the most badass semi-automatic shotgun on the planet.

Aside from the shooter giving off the vibe like he’s been In Polish prison once or twice before, Its totally worth seeing him drain a 30-round drum in 8 seconds.

Shown here with a SilencerCo Salvo 12 sound suppressor, the Origin-12 includes a 5-round magazine, with optional 8- and 10-shot versions as well as full 20- and 30-round drums available. Due to the Clinton Ban of yesteryear it’s hard to get anything fully automatic anymore, so don’t even ask it’s not however this gun has some serious AR15-like ergonomic—will unload just as fast as you can pull that sweet mill spec trigger.

For a more in-depth look at what it can do, check out this video below:

Prices start at $2,600, the Origin-12 is available in black, hard nickel finish and short-barreled versions.

Although the SBR version is a second cool, we’re certain, that whichever variation you select, this rifle will be plenty “bang” for your buck.