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Take a Break From Monday With Model Laina Lee Rauma Snaps

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Laina Lee Rauma (pronounced “Lay-na Rou-ma” like round except you take off the “nd” and add a “ma”) is our Pattygurl of the Month for November, and this collection of snaps highlights Laina sleek curvaceous body.


When asked what one superpower Laina wish she had ?… Her response was the ability to eat all day with no consequences.

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laina_rauma_pattycakez-31 laina_rauma_pattycakez-32 laina_rauma_pattycakez-29 laina_rauma_pattycakez-20 laina_rauma_pattycakez-24
laina_rauma_pattycakez-14 laina_rauma_pattycakez-13 laina_rauma_pattycakez-11 laina_rauma_pattycakez-12 laina_rauma_pattycakez-04 laina_rauma_pattycakez-17