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Does Sex Between Friends Really Strengthen The Friendship ?

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A recent  study revealed how friendship may strengthen after an intimate encounter.

Did you know that sex between friends may  improve your friendship, at least in 76 percent of the cases. Research conducted by Dr. Heidi Reeder, a member of Boise State University of the United States. Sex between friends can be much better than any other; and it is that, between friends there is trust, affection and that security that is not always with the couple.


Although many times it has been exposed that to maintain relations with someone close can ruin the relation, there are investigations that show the opposite. Heidi Reeder, a social scientist specializing in friendly relations and a member of Boise State University, surveyed 300 people, of whom 20% of men and women reported having had sex with at least one friend at some point in their lives, and that in the majority of cases, after the act, friendship had improved.

The study also revealed that about 50% of those who started a relationship with their friend is maintained to date. Sex between friends is much more common than it is accepted. And the belief that ruin friendship is a myth. However, to carry it out healthily, some health and psychology experts have recommended certain basic rules, among which stand out: knowing each other well before deciding to do so; make clear the expectations of each, what they want and what not; always keep in mind that you are not dealing with a formal relationship or that it will last forever; and, put an end to the relationship at a time when the sexual environment is no longer pleasurable.