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Shantel Jackson Suing Floyd Mayweather For Assaulting Her At GunPoint!!!

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Earlier today TMZ Reported that Ms. Jackson is suing Floyd Mayweather for beating her up & pulling a gun on her!!!

Sounds like the water in the well has run dry! Ms Jackson filed a lawsuit against former boyfriend Floyd Mayweather. Claiming the Boxer has attacked her on several occasions and at one point even threatened to shoot her. A press conference was held today, Ms. Jackson stated her reasons for perusing suit for invasion of privacy, assault, battery, harassment and defamation of character. Mayweather expressed on social media how she aborted there twins earlier this year, which caused her emotional distress. Sounds like the bombshell is stressed about her financial well being, Maybe Nelly ain’t providing them 100k “Birkin Bags” and “Ferrari’s” like Floyd use too. Hmm don’t you find it strange that she wants to sue after allegedly taking a#$ whoopings in 2012? The champ has not spoken out on suit  publicly so were patiently waiting to see what’s really going on.


What do you all think, does something seems fishy.