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Lira Galore Announces Plans To Take Legal Action After Sex Tape Leaks!

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Lira Galore is now announcing plans to take legal action after her sex tape was leaked to the public.


The tape hit the internet last week, showing Lira with an unidentified man first believed to be NBA player Lance Stephenson. It was reported that Stephenson was not the man in the video and instead was an ex-boyfriend, but Lira Galore doesn’t seem content to just let the matter rest.

This week, the Instagram star told TMZ that she is planning to sue the person who leaked her sex tape to the internet.

A few days ago, Lira went public and confirmed the x-rated clip’s authenticity.

“They randomly texted me and my manager but they never sent it, nothing, they just texted what they text. Then the next thing you know, boom, f***ing trending worldwide. The video is actually old. It’s an ex-boyfriend. I don’t know if he still has the video. I don’t know how it surfaced. I filed a police report today and we have our lawyers – they’re on top of it. We already have information, like, from the number we traced names and all that stuff. We’re already on top of it. We already know who you are.”


Lira Galore appears to be taking a much more aggressive stance on her sex tape than last week, when she appeared to laugh off the matter. In a message posted shortly after the video hit the internet, Lira seemed to imply that it wasn’t a serious issue.

“Y’all never seen nobody s**k d**k b4??.. everybody let’s relax,” she Tweeted early on Friday morning.

“Could never feel any less about myself doin things you men die about to MY man…too bad it got leaked!” Lira later added.

Snippets of the alleged video were leaked by a site called Diary of a Hollywood Street King, which reported that Lil Wayne had a heads up that the video would be coming out.

“Last month, Vivid Entertainment was presented with a four-minute clip of the Lil Wayne’s sex tape. After viewing the sex tape, reps at Vivid immediately called their alliance over at TMZ and sold the story.

“Everyone knows Wayne’s a source for TMZ. That’s why TMZ immediately got at Wayne, telling him about the story. Once they hipped Wayne, he said: ‘If someone sells a sex tape of me with my socks on, I’ll sue.’”

It’s not clear if there is any kind of police investigation into Lira Galore’s leaked sex tape, but in the past authorities have taken these cases very seriously. As Fox News reported, authorities earlier this year sentenced a man to nine months in jail after he was convicted of hacking nude photos from a number of celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson.

What do you guys think should she take it on the chin or pursue the matter in court?

Check out what she has to say about it below. If you haven’t seen the pics, you can check here on twitter.