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Life Hacks

Life Hacks | Here Are 10 Hacks That Will Make The Day Go Smoother At The Office

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#1. Prolong the life of your phone charger.

use a spring from an old pen

#2. Office latern | Make your water bottle glow like a champ

use your cellphone light

#3. Mini Speaker Box | It helps distribute the sound better.

quick and easy iphone speaker

#4. Give your keyboard new legs.

user binder clips

#5. No more tangled wires.

use paper clips to organize your cables

#6. No more tangled cords. Be organized.

sick of having a box full of tangled

#7. It holds your phone and the cord.

turn an old bottle into a simple little cord holder

#8. Wake up every morning.

tired of snoozing past your alarm

#9. No more forgetting who has your stuff.

take pictures of friends holding items

#10. Don’t make it too tight.

how i always know which headphone is the left one

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