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Lets Talk Sex | According to Science What Excites Men And Women The Most ?

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According to a study published by Psychology Today it’s been revealed that different things peek sexual interests amongst men and women. The research attributes differences mainly due to the biological structure of each sex brain chemistry .

It’s important to note that the brain is the most important sexual organ of all.

Considering the brain’s chemistry of women and men are completely different, the reaction to the same stimulus is different as well.

So, if one holds true for the other the brain’s receivers are different, it is far better to stimulate sex differently.

In the case of women, above the point of physical attractiveness it has been proven that kindness is one of the strongest sexual excitement triggers.

When it comes physical attraction, the study also reveals that most women are stimulated visually by tall and or strong men ideally who can protect them.

As for men, researchers denote them as visual beings, this correlates with the notion

that the area of ​​the brain that stimulates sexual arousal is mostly related to physical aspects.

This come as no surprise considering porn is mostly consumed by men.

While their are tons varying factors for sexually arousallment, researcher all agree on one thing men and women need different stimuli to peek sexual interests.