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Let’s Talk Retro | This Nintendo-inspired Wireless Controller Is A Gamers Dream

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The NES30 Pro GamePad
Exclusively available by Innex, for $45, this retro-looking gamepad is perfect for PCs, mobiles, or even Wii gaming experiences!


(Photo: 8Bitdo Tech)

Featuring four L and R buttons, dual joysticks, USB connectivity, it’s awesome Crissaegrim- style “breathing light”, and it’s amazing compatibility features, this nostalgic gamepad can connect with many wireless devices including Android and iOS, Macs and PCs and even the Wii (up to 4) via bluetooth.

Although on the market now in the United States for just $45, prices vary in other places outside the US.


Every button stuffed into a sleek,  design modern controller (Photo: 8Bitdo Tech)