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Karrine Steffans Who? Christina Milian aint trying to hear it!

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In case you missed it, Christina Milian sat down in an interview with California’s Real 92.3 where she made it very clear that she loves her man. Who? The obvious- Lil Wayne.
It’s safe to say that she was just confirming the obvious for those in denial. Well, Lil Wayne’s past (or present) jump-off (well, side-chick is what they are now) took it upon herself to state what we probably could say is another obvious- shes still in the Cash Money rapper’s life and ain’t going nowhere. Do you know she is? That’s right, the infamous Karrine Steffans.
The former vixen sat down with VladTV for an exclusive where she made it clear that no one could come between she and Wayne. Christina Milian’s fans took to Twitter and enlightened her of the interview in which she responded with ‘who’?

Well, maybe they have an understanding that we just don’t understand.