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The jig is Up: Fans react to Beyonce’s swimsuit pic! Too much Photoshopping!!!

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Beyonce posted yet another flawless pic on IG and the world went crazy. ..again. She’s been accused of photoshopping her image to perfection,  again…kinda. Well,  we all know that the Beyonce photoshop accusations are nothing new. Recently she posted a very sexy shot of herself in a tight one piece swimsuit paying tribute to hubby Jay Z’s 99 problems, and the world went crazy. 


The problem, it seems,  is not that she’s photoshopping the images but she’s doing such a shoddy job.

 It is Beyonce, and she has enough money to probably own Photoshop, so why would she post such bad shots, you ask?



Have you ever thought maybe they aren’t photoshopped at all? 

Just a thought.