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Iggy Azalea’s Fans Express Serious Dissatisfaction With OnlyFans Content

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Many of Iggy Azalea’s followers are upset over the content on the Australian rapper’s OnlyFans page. Azalea joined the site earlier this month, charging subscribers $25 per month for access to exclusive material.

There are films, images, graphics, music, and poetry among the content. According to sources, she earned more than $305K in her first 24 hours on the platform.

“This what y’all paying 25 dollars a month for,” one user commented on Azalea’s latest promotion of the page.

Another wrote: “Sorry Iggy, but charging $100 for a video of you flapping your hair around is insane. Terrible…”

Others chastised Azalea for earlier criticizing about OnlyFans and stating that she would never join it.

“Hold up, weren’t you criticizing other celebrities for having an OF?” one wrote. “Oh, baby daddy is now gone.”

When announcing her presence on the site, Azalea addressed this hypocrisy in a statement. Her position has shifted in recent years, she explained.

“I had no idea OnlyFans was a location where I could be creative, thus I had no idea I’d be partnering with them on my biggest effort to date!” Azalea said. “Once I delved below the surface-level conversation about what it means to have an OnlyFans, I realized it was the right platform to launch a multimedia concept on. I’m pleased to no longer have to worry about the overwhelming and creatively restricting censorship that artists face when sharing work on other internet platforms.”

Later this year, Azalea plans to release her fourth studio album on the site.

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