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We cannot get enough of K. Michelle and her cakes!!

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Just after the release of her promo images that sent a model in an uproar calling K out for her lack of originality and inauthenticity, K. Michelle had an interview with where she held absolutely nothing back. Even putting the speculations of her and Idris Elba’s suspected connection to bed with the truth.  As well,  she touched basis on her sour friendship with Queen Bee and her relationship with her sons father.
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According to K, she was actually involved with the sexy British actor for 8 months after meeting at the Soul Train Awards! Who knew? She also confirmed her entire album tells the story of their quick romance. When asked if the entire album is about Idris she responded, “Yes, I’m not going to lie”.

Before she put the album together, she said she sent Idris all of the records she was planning to put on the album. She said he told her that he hates the place that they’re at with their current “situationship”, but he called her music a work of art.

During their romance, K revealed Idris told her that they were going to have a future together. But that all went out of the window once he got his wife(?)/make-up artist Naiyana Garth pregnant. Rather than getting in between this man and his family, she decided to walk away from the situation. We’re still trying to do the math on when this alleged relationship went on being that he has been with Naiyana for atleast a year before they had the baby. Maybe K was playing the sidechick role? Or was she thinking the relationship was more than it really was…

But, according to the songstress, they didn’t end on bad terms because he didn’t necessarily do her dirty. She confirmed they will always have a creative bond (remember he directed her VH1 musical Rebellious Soul) and jokingly said she would still give him some. (Not mad!)  She believes if they had met at a different time they would probably be together now.

The “How Do You Know” singer also talked about her friend-turned-enemy Lil Kim, dubbing her as “Plastic Penny” (remember when Kim called her a bag of nuts? Ha!)

The “Maybe I Should Call” singer also talked about working on a new television series with Mona Scott-Young. On the show, K will be helping her fans catch their man cheating, after setting up decoys to see if they’ll bite. Sounds…right up her alley.