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This Five Year Old Girl Is A Drifter (VIDEO)

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If you’ve been in the of world automotives, then chances are that you’ve at least heard of the 5-year-old driving sensation Lila Kalis.

Even before she could talk, Lila was behind a steering wheel at the tender age of 11 months. Lila has been honing her skill set of drift racing ever since. We caught up with her father Josh Kalis yes, The Josh Kalis “Professional Street Skateboarder” he states Lila skills comes in incredibly natural to her and he was astonished when he first realized her talents.

No stranger racing his self Josh Kalis, saw that she was pretty interested in performance driving, he spared no expense to make sure that she had every tool at her disposal.

We fast forward to today and Lila’s skills far surpass her age group as you might imagine and she’s now wheeling a Chevrolet Corvette that dad describes as the shell of Power Wheels on a electric go-kart chassis.

Check out Lila’s first Commercial spot below at the tender age of 4 as we dive into what it is that makes this youngster such a promising driver behind the wheel.