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Everyone on Instagram Have Already Formed Some Pretty Strong Opinions About Meek Mill’s ‘DC4’

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Meek Mill’s DC4 has finally arrived after a few set backs, the album naturally fostered tons of reactions on social media, with the majority being extremely favorable. In spite of the project being released a few hour ago, the general consensus of fans are praising it as the best project of his career. We’ll have to wait for hysteria to die down before we call it his best project to date but..we do like it and the song “Shine” stands out as one of the more prominent tracks with orchestrated church choir undertones and a clingy hook. Overall DC4 is an excellent re-introduction to a newer fan base solidifying the rapper’s current role as A-list street rapper with coming of age tales and rags to riches stories with added bravado in only a way Meek Mill’s can offer. Singling out all of the right songs to push him into the next stratosphere for this year ending blockbuster.


Stand Out Tracks: Shine & Blue Notes