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Drug Wars | The War On Molly (MDMA)

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New investigation reveals a war between police and synthetic drug dealers.

In recent months, the police disrupted the main synthetic drug suppliers. On the eve of the? these electronic and facing the summer of 2014, dealers are in trouble and do not know how to respond to a growing market. Moreover, they were developing operations where they came to find homes that operated as SMEs. Ketamine was seized for almost 200 million dollars, and even the business was linked to the organization of student trips. The dealers say that those who sell this drug usually do not deal with the police and that is the main reason why so many bands fell.

A review of each operative gives an account of the details of a war that seems to have just begun.


In the middle of small suburban Buenos Aires neighborhood in Retiro. In the process fell a band lof Spanish citizen with a history of drug trafficking in his country. But again the contact with the porteño night was quickly detected. Among those arrested was a patovic who was later released for lack of merit and at the same time his name reappeared in “Green Apple”. He was finally involved in the investigation. The intelligence tasks managed to establish that this organization commercialized drugs in? these electronic and capital and conurbano boliches, but that also had already surpassed the territorial limits to sell in cities of Chile, Uruguay ,Brazil and United States