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Classic Rides | Introducing The Supercharged GT500CR 900S Mustang

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Classic recreation’s supercharged GT500CR 900S Mustang
Well known for their GT350CR’s and the GT500CR, licensed under Shelby projects, the 900S brings new upgrades to the table.

Installed with over $25,000 in upgrades, it includes a 427 cubic-inch Ford Performance engine that will deliver over 800 horsepower that will all be shipped to a customer in Germany right out of the CR factory.

The upgrade list is vast but highlights would have to be the 18-inch Forgeline Grudge wheels, Magnaflow exhaust, and a Detroit Speed full suspension system topped with six piston front and back Wilwood brakes.

Not revealing what it sold for, judging by Classic Recreations, one can only assume it’s a small fortune.



67 SHELBY GT500CR 900S

The 1967 Shelby GT500 was known to give up to 350 horsepower with a 420 pound feet of torque. In can reach a speed of 60 mph in under 5 seconds. That was top tier feat during its day, but the new GT500CR 900S easily beats that record.


If you are interested to buy one of these, starting price is at $219,000.

Classic 1967 SHELBY GT500CR 900S

Here are some specifications:



427 C.I Custom Built Engine (790 H.P.)

Dart Racing Engine Block

AFR Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Fast Sequential Fuel Injection

Tremec Manual Transmission

9″ Fab 9 Rear w/ 3:50 Gear Ratio and Posi Traction Installed

Concept One Pulley System