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Chicks March In the Midtown Streets Of NewYork For 10th Annual “Go Topless Day’

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Topless day is a celebration in the streets of Midtown New York. Where tens of thousands of people joined the parade in a march for  for equality of rights between men and women when it comes to wanting to teach the breast in public. “If men can, why can’t we?” ‘Was the general motto of the posters.
The NGO ‘GoTopless’ organized this event in which the demonstration toured downtown Manhattan along 15 streets, from the Columbus Circle area to Bryant Park.
The march was musicalized by bands composed by women and, one of them, was Kasyo Perrier -vocera and activist of the organization. “Teaching the body is not something dirty. Women should have the same right as men to go topless, “he explained.

The New York Post writes 

Equalititty for all!

Big breasts, small breasts and every size in between were bared for the cause of equality Saturday in the 10th annual Go Topless Day march in Midtown.

About 200 people of all ages, split roughly evenly between men and women, took part in the high-spirited parade to Bryant Park, led by a mostly female, mostly shirtless drum corps.

An SUV topped with giant inflatable pink boobs demanding “Equal Topless Rights” was also featured.

Founded in 2007, the march is based on women’s right to be bare-chested in public, just like men, organizers said.

Some marchers wore X’s or tape that said “Censored” across their breasts, even though it’s perfectly legal for women to be nude from the waist up in public in New York City. Some carried signs that said, “My bod is not a crime,” and “Equalititty for everyone.”

About 20 US cities from New Hampshire to Denver to Seattle marked the day, with participants tweeting using the hashtag #FreetheNipple. The international effort also included events in cities where participants were protesting for similar rights, among them Phoenix and Madison, Wisconsin. Canadians joined in the disrobing in Montreal and Vancouver.

The march drew plenty of attention from shutterbugs lining the barricades, and from some male hecklers who were quickly ushered away by cops.