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Checkmate: Rapper OG Maco comes for Beyonce! “I did It First” “Bit@H You guess It”

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Over the weekend King Bey served up a few heart attacks with her fierce release of a seemingly impromptu video of her latest single 7/11.

The world,  in true Bey fashion, could do nothing more than bow down. Bey had once again slayed us all.

All of us except rapper OG Maco. He took to twitter to let us know that Bey had swagger jacked his hotel concept,  and he’d did it first.

While some may ask who’s OG Maco, others chimed in agreeing that originality was not the case with Bey this time around.


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Check out OG Maco’s “You Guessed It” and Bey’s 7/11 Below . Can you see the resemblance?