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Amazin’ Amie and Courtney Black The Ultimate Model Face off “One Pose, Two models, You know the drill…”

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We selected the best side profile shots from both girls

One Pose. Two models. You know the drill…

heres a little bio on each girl…as if you didn’t know already…

Amazin’ Amie

With a similar look to Coco, and mind-bogglin’ posterior its no wonder Amie has seen immense success in the hip music industry.

Amazin’ Amie

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Courtney Black

Courtney is 100% white, Yesssss white with a butt like that, I know we thought the same thing . The irony is her last names black and she has a black girl’s Patty Cakez Looks aside she is definitely one of the hardest working video vixen  of all time she’s literally been in every single major hip-hop video since 2005. In Addition to  gracing the cover of nearly every urban magazine this exquisite hottie, is actually part English and Hungarian. Who knew the Kolbász and Golish was the perfect recipe for growing voluptuous Caucasian women with insane Patty Cakez !!!!


Courtney Black

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