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These 3 Sexual Positions Will Prolong Any Organsim

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Bout time Scientist finally start addressing solution to problems that matter. In the study below researcher  explain how to delay an orgasm with these simple sex positions.

The two greatest sexual preoccupation of the male is girth and length. But also, since the women began to ask, we add the theme of the duration. Because we all know that it is never enough, and the longer the sexual act lasts, the less complaints we will receive from the girls.
Here, a brief review of the three positions that help males to last longer in bed. Surely something else you are going to ask, but at least, here you have a help.

The teaspoon face to face: looking face to face, the girl puts the pelvis a little higher, tilts the hip and flexes the legs to facilitate penetration. The male decides the rhythm and the intensity, with the plus of being able to touch the woman wherever he wants to have it huddled against him.

The missionary : the man is on his back and the woman is on top of him with his legs around him. When it has penetrated, the woman leans forward by placing her hands on her partner’s chest. In this position, the woman has free movement. Changes in rhythm will depend on how much the woman tilts toward the man, how much closer to her face, the less deep the penetration.

Seated in a chair with armrests: for this pose it is necessary that the woman is sitting with her back on the man. The woman leans forward for penetration to be deeper, although she can control the intensity and speed, the man can complement the act with pelvis strokes.
Sitting on the bed : once again, the woman is on her back with her legs around her partner’s back. This pose offers more freedom of movement, the couple can embrace or not. The woman sets the pace and can measure the depth of penetration.