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1990s Rapper Charli Baltimore’s 21Yr Old Daughter Is Smoking Hot !

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Who remembers Charli Baltimore from the late rap legend Notorious B.I.G camp ? Yeah, she was the slim redbone, who was signed to the Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Ja Rule’s Murder Inc. crews back in the day.

Photo Credit: @siaanilove | I love this pic...#TB miss you mom 😘😘 @charlibaltimore y'all know who I got my hair color from 😊 #Originality
Photo Credit: @siaanilove | I love this pic…#TB miss you mom 😘😘@charlibaltimore y’all know who I got my hair color from 😊 #Originality


Charli Baltimore, (government name Tiffany Lane), came in the game as the fly girl who rolled with the crew as the ride-or-die chick. Well, you know we embrace the fact that hip-hop aging gracefully, and many of our favorite rappers are moms & dads, and grandmothers & grandfathers…and Charli Baltimore now, 42 years old has a couple of grown daughters that are as gorgeous as she is.

We found her 21 year old daughter Siaani Love, lighting up the gram, (Instagram) and she seems just as feisty as her mom was on her records. Although Siaani mom is a legendary female MC Sianni is carving out a lane of her own. She a highly sought after MUA..(Make Up Artist), and while she keeps her clients looking fly, this girl is definitely a hottie. Check out Siaani Love Photos Below And Lets Us Know What You Think.

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